10 Decoration Ideas For This Diwali Festival

10 Decoration Ideas For This Diwali Festival

Diwali is coming up, and everyone is spring-cleaning their homes, making lists of clothes and gifts, and fresh Diwali decorations ideas for your home. So this article is not about Diya’s or the rangoli.
We do it each year, and you’ll see hundreds of photos on Google for ideas. This article is for those who want something different and unique with a wow factor. Something that will entice you and make you think, “Hey… It’s great! Ideas for inspiration can come from any place. For instance, you could make a stunning arrangement for the church for the traditional Indian one by switching the colors by changing from red to white.
Here are some ideas that I have found interesting and I would love to test at home. They’re not something I can do in one go… Maybe one each year? Let’s go!
Diwali Decoration Ideas with Lights:

10 Decoration Ideas For This Diwali Festival

Diwali is the celebration of light. The most apparent method to celebrate is with many twinkling lights. Although I am a fan of Diya’s, I don’t use them as often as I’d like and mostly during puja. I’m cautious when using them in the home due to children running around. They also do not last long. Mumbai is typically a breeze, and it’s a high-rise. Diwali is a time of celebration and many string lighting for me. When the Diwali lights are lit, there is no need to have regular lighting in our home. There are string lights everywhere, and they emit enough light to the entire room.

(1). Drape string lights through your curtains:
This is especially beautiful when paired with curtains made of sheer fabric. Strings of lights can be hung behind your curtains, and see your room change into a fantasy place.
What if you don’t own sheer curtains? This is what I’d suggest you do. Bring your solid curtains up towards the sides and hang them loosely, as in the picture below. You can then use any sheer fabric you own, such as a dupatta or Sari.

It can match your curtains or provide an eye-catching contrast. The very fabric from the rod to the right and behind the hooked curtains. Strings of light are hung in the background of the dupatta. You can also use your dupatta or sari to create swag, like in the photo below. It can be put in front of your windows, above your couch, or on any other wall or painting that you wish to emphasize. You can then hang the string lights on your swag.

10 Decoration Ideas For This Diwali Festival

(2) String lights can be strung on your furniture
This is particularly effective with mirrors due to the reflections that twinkle. The DIY for this beautiful screen is here. Alternately, you can weave your fairy lights into an existing screen. It’s stunning! It is also possible to drape them over your cabinets and side units or place them up on shelves. At this festival you can also use Indian brass lamps, these lamps Give your home a rich and traditional look.

(3) Then, drape string lights as curtains:
Are you in an empty space and aren’t sure how to use it? If it’s a blank wall and ample space, or over your plants or plants, hang string lights similar to curtains to make it appear more festive.

(4) Create an edifice for string lights:
This is easy to create a hula-hoop chandelier right here. It can be hung on your entryway, over your dining table, or in a decorative corner.

(5) Create a wall hanger using garlands of flowers:
If you’d prefer to keep it simple, tie some bouquets onto branches, sticks, steel rods, or even a few with plants hanger to decorate blank walls. I suggest bright orange and red flowers, with perhaps a few golden flower arrangements or balls on top to make the hanging look bright and cheery.

(6) Decorate the table with marigold flowers
Most pujas and celebrations can’t survive without the beautiful marigold flowers. This entire blog is dedicated to marigold-themed decoration ideas. So head to the post for some fantastic and creative ideas.

(7) Create a simple curtain of flowers:
A simple, light arrangement of one flower strung together in the distance creates the most delicate and lovely flower curtain. You can use your favorite flowers with colors that complement your décor. Oranges, reds, yellows, and pinks will undoubtedly be the most festive colors.

(8) Make use of flowers to create the focal point of your space:
It is possible to hang these garlands on the wall behind the idol of your worship. You could have a room you’d like to embellish with your brassware and lamp or an unfinished fence that you wish to decorate with festive. A few flowers could make the space your focal point and centerpiece of your celebration room. I am awestruck by the variety of flower shades placed in asymmetrical order to create the stunning screen below.

(9)Diwali Decoration Ideas Using Flowers:
Flowers are a must at our celebrations, and we’ve learned to decorate our homes with floral arrangements. Are you bored of repeating the same things each year? Check out these fresh ideas and decorations that include flowers.

(10) Create a string lamp table lamp:
Do you remember how we transformed the crystal vase into a lamp for Ganpati decorations this year? It’s possible to download this simple DIY right here. It’s straightforward, and you can create a lot of these using glass vases in various shapes, sizes, and colors and set them throughout your home.
We have also created a DIY to create these beautiful glass lanterns with your old glass containers. Install tea lights into the jars and watch them sparkle like jewels. When you’ve finished with the lighting and your home is shining and sparkling with joy, The next step is the flowers. Flowers aren’t just pretty attractive, fragrant, and festive, they’re also believed to be a sign of good luck, and you shouldn’t enjoy any Indian festival without them.